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Friday 16 September 2016

How To Grow Basil Seedlings From Cutting.

Basil is a very easy plant to grow in your backyard garden. One can sow the seeds, or transplant the seedlings. One can also grow the basil seedlings from cutting. How is this done you might be asking?

Simple...Cut off a short branch from a basil parent plant. Remove all the big leaves, then remove all the lower leaves and put the cutting in clear and clean natural water. Natural water is recommended instead of tap water.

Natural water is water that have not been tampered with, altered or those with absolutely no added chemical, whether it be safe or hazardous. You should also change the water every day to prevent the cutting from rotting.

You should note that it is important to cut the branch off the mother plant on or during the 7 days leading to full moon so that the parent plant can restore new leaves and develop new branches faster.

If you cut your basil cuttings on the days leading to full moon as recommended, then your cutting should have started to sending out new roots on the night of full moon. As the moon goes down from  full moon, the roots should grow longer, faster.

NOTE: As the moon rises to full moon status, this increase leafy growth on plants, and when the moon sets from full moon status it encourage root growth.

You can check out the video below for a visual demonstration 

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