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Tuesday 20 September 2016

Quest To Find The Biggest Avocado | Roseau Market

Avocados come in different shape, size and colour... even taste. Some are small and round, while some are large and round. There are those which are designed like a bottle, with a large bottom but a narrow top. You may have seen some avocados which are red in colour when ripe, while some avocados might be yellow when ripe. Even the smoothness of the avocado peeling varies. Some are soft and thin, while some are rough and thick.

Avocados can be eaten raw when ripe, but in Dominica it is popularly consumed with bread or farine. Some folks would use the avocado to make a drink, smoothie or ice cream. No matter how one might chose to use it, an avocado is a good fruit to have on one's plate, or in one's kitchen.

Our Youtube host, Mr. Mitchel "Junosuede" John was on a quest to find the biggest avocado in the Roseau market. He also decided to record the journey, and unexpectedly he came across The owner for K Vidal's Enterprises, and the owner of Root Farm Organic Produces. He did two short interview which will be published on AgroSuede Backyard Gardening Youtube channel. 

In the meantime a video was publish as part of AgroSuede's impromptu Tuesday video presentation with the title "On A Quest To Find The Biggest Avocado | Roseau Market". Check out this video feature below.

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